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Classic Clubman Trial

16/11/2022 The Classic Clubman Trial of Aywaille 2023 scheduled for April 8 and 9

Posted in  2023Aywaille

With no less than 220 riders from all over Europe at the start of the 2021 edition, the Classic Clubman Trial […]

20/01/2022 The Classic Clubman Trial of Aywaille is restyled in 2022!

Posted in  2022Aywaille

One of the events not to miss out on, on the trial scene reserved for machines of the past, the […]

17/03/2021 Big success in the making for the Classic Clubman Trial on April 3 and 4 in Aywaille

Posted in  Aywaille

By breathing new life into the Classic Clubman Trial of Aywaille, DG Sport intends to confirm the ever greater success […]

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